Transactional Opportunities

The Colorado Lawyers Committee offers many meaningful volunteer opportunities for transactional attorneys who wish to volunteer specifically within their wheelhouse as well as stretch out of their usual purview. Most opportunities are short-term and allow lawyers to make a substantial difference without a long-term commitment.

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Volunteer attorneys provide transactional-type legal services to small nonprofit organizations that might not otherwise afford legal services.


A half-day program for small nonprofits with limited operating budgets. Teams of volunteer transactional attorneys review a checklist with participating nonprofits to evaluate their legal health. Clinics are held in January and July.

Legal NightS

Volunteer attorneys provide free legal and referral information to people who cannot afford legal services. Many in-house attorneys and transactional lawyers volunteer at Denver Legal Night.

Business Advisory Group

In 2018, the CLC agreed to participate in a pilot program with Mile High United Way to assist small businesses, usually women/minority owned, which serve economically disadvantaged communities. 

Hate Crimes Education Program

Volunteers present trials based on a fictional case arising from a violation of Colorado’s Hate/Bias-Motivated Crimes Statute to middle school students around the state.

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Project Homeless Connect

A one-day event sponsored by the City of Denver that connects homeless individuals to services. The Colorado Lawyers Committee co-sponsors the Legal Resource Area and Homeless Court Components of Project Homeless Connect with the Association of Corporate Counsel-Colorado Chapter.