Highlights from 40 Years of Legal Advocacy for the Community by Colorado Lawyers Committee Volunteers

About Us

Founded in 1978, the Colorado Lawyers Committee is a nonpartisan consortium of around 80 Colorado law firms dedicated to creating and increasing opportunities for children, the poor and other disadvantaged communities through advocacy, negotiation and litigation. The lawyers who donate their time focus primarily on major public policy issues and systemic changes rather than representation of individuals, unless their issues impact a large number of people.

The Colorado Lawyers Committee usually has about 20 active projects and task forces in the areas of Poverty & Public Benefits, Civil Rights & Criminal Law, Children’s Rights & Education, Community Development and Immigration

Most of the work is accomplished by task forces of community advocates and attorneys with varying practice areas and levels of experience from different firms. If issues are politically sensitive, co-chairs from different political parties will lead the effort, to assure a bipartisan approach. This model permits lawyers from several firms to work collaboratively to solve problems, and allows attorneys to be active on cases when they are available. Newer lawyers also gain hands-on experience working alongside experienced attorneys. We invite all to participate.

CLC is loosely affiliated with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and seven other local Lawyers’ Committees in Boston, Chicago, Washington, DC, Jackson, Mississippi, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco. The National Lawyers Committee was formed in 1963 at the request of President John F. Kennedy to enlist the private bar’s leadership and resources in combating racial discrimination and the resulting inequality of opportunity.

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